Lifeblood of the Club

Sponsors are the Lifeblood of any local sporting club. This is no different at the Mansfield Football Netball Club. Our sponsor’s are held in high regard and the exposure they have in the community is second to none. Game day activations, signage, access to other businesses and contacts with the local shire and government are valuable considerations when you become part of the Mansfield Sporting Community.

Why Choose Us

  • Sponsorship of Mansfield FNC comes with many benefits. As a business you can purchase one of standard packages or we can tailor something for you specifically.

  • Exposure to other businesses and local government contacts in our area, access to communicate with over 500 members of the Mansfield Football Netball Club community.

  • Enjoy close access to the coaches and players with exclusive sponsor functions and benefits throughout the season. Advertising on the website and signage at the ground. If you love your local sporting teams then Mansfield Football Netball.

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Proud Major Sponsor

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